Established in 2000, ADD Trucking, Inc. started as a small, single truck flatbed operation in central Mississippi.

Building on the core service principles of reliability and dependability that we still stand for today, the operation steadily grew, and moved from a small home office to the first office location in Sebastopol, MS.  New drivers and equipment were added, as well as additional dispatch and office staff.

Owners Aaron and Debbie Davidson soon realized that the small office would not hold the growth of the company, and moved to the current office location in Sebastopol, with an attached dual bay truck shop, fueling stations, and truck yard for the growing fleet.

Over the past several years, the company continually upgraded equipment, and hired additional staff to service the ever expanding fleet.  Dry van freight was also added to the services provided. Additional property was prepared for expansion of the truck yard, and the company currently runs 34 semis, 28 of which are new W-900 Kenworths, 2015 model or newer.

The company’s reputation for honesty and trustworthiness extended from its customer base to its own employees, and the word quickly spread among drivers about the company’s commitment to hiring the best operators, and its philosophy of treating operators with dignity and respect. Aaron has been known to often say, “I drove a truck for someone else for thirty-plus years, and I believe in treating someone like I would want to be treated.”  This has resulted in great driver satisfaction and retention, with many operators having been with company for almost a decade.